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Saturday, January 23 2010
 This is a new year and we are 23 days into it.  I took a break in december and now I am back!

You can follow us here for more inspiration and news about our program and what we have to offer you.  I stop making resolutions some time ago.  Do they really work no! The best thing to do is to start off small with goals that you know you can accomplish.  It is God who gives us the will to do so consult with the father before you make any moves this year.  We have to stop doing what we always done expecting different results.

Take time pray and give thanks to God who will make all things possible and sustain you to get to that place that you need to be.  Don't be anxious for nothing because God knows and he cares for you.   Don't sweat the small stuff or even small minded people.  They need more exposure you are better than that.

Take time out for you as I said before saying No! gets easier when you are focus on what you need to be doing and not worrying about what people say you should be doing. Rest often your mind and body needs it.

Honor those who have helped you in your life and let them know you are happy that they are in your life. This helps you to remain humbled. Humility is something we all could use.  God does not like a prideful person or a proud look.

Love others and don't forget to love yourself, you are the only you that you have so now you have a few pointers to begin your new year.  Let me know how things are going remember we are waiting for you to reply.

Until next month may God continue to keep you and yours!


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