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Tuesday, October 20 2009
 Sometimes life is like a snow ball rolling down a hill.  It begins to gain momentum and things get lost or becomes over bearing.  Have you ever had a problem or situation that every time you get out of one thing something else pops up?

Such is life things don't go as smoothly as we wish but they some how work out!  Life would be boring if we did not have a variety of events/things that happens to us. By the same token God takes all of our vicissitudes and turn them in to something spectacular!!!  How Great is our God!

Don't worry about what has/has not happened thus far, are right in the midst of where you need to be.  Stop looking backward and get some forward thinking going on. Take the next step and move to the next level of your anointing, ministry, or life.

Things are not as bad as they seem if you are looking through the lens of the "Be Not World" i.e. spiritual world. We are finite beings, but our God is infinite and can transcend time, space and eternity.  If you lay aside every weight and sin that is hindering you, things would go a little better.

Have faith trust God and watch him do it!  Believe it you are a prayer away from your blessing!!

Love you,


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