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Saturday, May 09 2009
 Today, as always I thanked God for new mercies that came with this new day.  I went to bed late and was able to get up early today.  I had an early appointment so it was important that I made it without any problems.  The weather today played a great part in bringing a lot of people outside.  I was astonished at the number of shoppers who were looking for that special mother's day gift.  Other rushed to by food and various items to many to mention.

After my appointment my first stop was at a yard sale.  This sale expanded a block and just as I was contemplating whether I would stop; something caught my eye.  So many beautiful flowers and plants that I just had to take a closer peek to see the different varieties.  I picked up a tomato plant and two other flowers all very nice.  While there I decided to take a stroll and enjoy what other hidden treasures that was abound.

I found a few other things that I like for the most part they were reasonably priced.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a few quick purchases while I was in the mood.  My next stop was to the farmers market.  I was specifically looking for artificial flowers and ribbons.  I wanted to create two floral arrangements in the containers that I found at the yard sale. 

If all goes well I will make them up sometime this week.  My day was eventful and challenging to say the least.  I was faced with a situation that tested my patience.  For the most part I was able to pass the test and to see the situation for what it really was such as a distraction.  If I had not trusted God and rested in his mercy this thing would have turned out differently.  Thank you God for your faithfulness and as I close this blog help my sisters and brothers see that your mercy endures to all.  For it is new every morning so don't worry about trying to muster up enough strength to make it through tomorrow.  Just as sure there is a new day you will receive new mercy.

Be Blessed!


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