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Thursday, May 07 2009
 We are now in the fifth month of the year 2009! I have so many things I started last month (April) that is not finished.  I try not to start any new projects without working on the current ones, but there are times that I have to switch gears and do something else.

I decided this year that I would spend more time being in the moment and enjoying life as it comes.  Thus the title "time goes by fast!" The past week was a busy one for me and I have yet to slow down.  Have you ever tried to do six things at once?  

For most of us our schedules, job, family responsibility, hobbies and church dictates just how much time is spent on each of these things.  Sometimes we just need to stop being so busy and start enjoying those moments that we share with the ones we love.

I challenge you to get out of the fast lane every once and a while and take the time to just be.  God can't use you  exhausted and burned out.  Take some time out for You!  

As for me I plan to do the same thing.  Setting priorities has always helped for me.  Also using the power of "no" by not taking on any other responsibilities until I finish what I have already started.  I was reminded just today that a week had past since my last blog.  Thanks for the gentle nudge to get me back on track.

To all of the mothers out there I salute you and wish that you enjoy your time with your family and friends on Sunday May 10, 2009.  Happy Mothers Day!!

I will be praying for you!

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