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Wednesday, April 29 2009
 Have you ever misplace something?  You search and retrace every step you took prior to loosing the object.  This is so frustrating because you believe that the object is right where you left it only to find out that its not!  Minutes, hours and sometimes days may pass before you find it.  Sometimes you give up and just forget about it but later discover that item, at a time when you are not focusing on it.

This reminds me of an incident which occurred back in September 2008.  I lost a very important object that I thought I would never recover.  After spending two days of exhaustingly searching I gave up.  I was so disappointed and depressed.  It was doing this time I was reminded by someone; that although I could not remember were it was there was one who knew the exact location of the object.  We prayed a prayer similar to the prayer entitled "A prayer for misplaced object" on today's prayer board.

 I rested in the fact that God knew exactly were  the object was and I that I was asking for wisdom in finding it. Praying this prayer gave me some peace.  I decided that day that I would not let something such as this distract me or disturb my peace.  Jesus is my friend and in His wisdom had me to look in a bag that I had searched several times.

On this particular day after prayer I sat at the breakfast table drinking my morning coffee, viewing the news, and reading the mail.  As I emptied my mail out of the bag something fell to the floor; as I looked down to my surprise it was the lost object.  After laughing I gave God the Glory for answering my prayer and helping me find the object.  This reminds me of Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not until your own understanding in all thy ways acknowledge God and He will direct your path.

Jesus is a friend like non other, if you need a friend try Christ.  You don't have to be alone because what ever you need God's got it!  Reading today's prayer along with this blog entry will give you insight on my friend Jesus.  As the song writer stated:  What a friend we have in Jesus; All our sins and griefs He bears; What a privileged it is to carry every thing to God in prayer.

Thank you God for this privilege 

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