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Sunday, July 19 2009
 Hebrews 11 states "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen".  Do you have any hope today?  Day by day by day some of us continue to do things or believe for things that we "hope" will happen or take place.  Why?

Do you not know that God has given you freely every thing according to life and godliness.  You have the ability to live a victorious life.  Stop waiting and looking around at others siege the moment and grab what God has for you now!

As you go forth in what ever it is you desire God will sustain you and give you what you need.  Activate your faith, trust in the Holy Spirit that God has placed inside of you.  Stir up your gifts and go before God in prayer for guidance.

Your best days are not behind you, your best days are in front of you.  We are in a season of miracles.  Signs and wonders are every where.   There is something you must do and that is to seek God first.  Maybe you think that this step is not necessary.  I beg to differ what I have experienced in my life have shown me that I could had made it to this place a long time ago. The path that I took ultimately led me here and it made it a much richer experience and sense of humbleness.  But what if I just had humbled myself in the beginning?  Most of my heartaches and sidetracks could have been avoided.

I thank God for this opportunity to share with his people the message of Hope, Healing and Help.  My experiences have taught me that their is "Hope".  We have a God who cares and loves us.  He gives us what we need when we need it.  He uses people like us to help us to grow up and to know more about his love.  If it had not been for that person who challenged you, annoyed you, prayed for you, love you and showed you that they care.  Where do you think you would be today!

My hope for you today is that you tap into the gifts and talents that God has given you use them for his glory.  If you like wisdom and understanding ask for it and God will make it plain. The body of Christ needs you and someone is waiting and depending on you to use your gifts.  Get into Gods word and in a Church where you will have the opportunity to help others while helping yourself grow stronger in the Lord.

I trust that you have received my gift to you today in Love!!

Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 07:08 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Tuesday, July 07 2009
I choose this title because of all of the recent events that have taken place within the last few weeks. We experienced the lost of several high profile stars if you will and most notably Michael Jackson and Steve McNair.

There were many others but I choose these two names because of their impact on today's youth and society as a whole. I would first like to extend my condolences to the families of these two individuals. So much has been said about what they did or didn't do and the impact of their deaths have created a riff in our society.

I can't help but wonder where they were with Christ? So much talk and conversation has been extended as to where or how they died and to what extend or circumstances took place surrounding it. I keep looking and listening to some of the commentaries hoping to catch one glimpse of their relationship with the king of Glory?

It saddens me to think that all of their doings were in vain when it comes to the kingdom. Just hearing about all the people they impacted one of them internationally, yet they never confessed God or used their influence to bring others to Christ. What a pity and a waste of influence, gifts and talents. Lets face it the "reality" of it all is that we are not our own. God purchased us and redeemed us and we are indebted to him. 

I am not trying to past judgement on either of them I just want us to be aware of what we have to do. Giving yourself back to Christ in service is something that we all can do.  Start looking around in your neighborhood and families and communities for people in need.  If you can do something, have something or organize something to meet their need why not do it?

The least you do until others, you will do until God.  Imagine the impact you can make, the need you can meet and the smile on your brother or sister's face.  Don't wait too late the reality is time does not wait!  Do the good you know how to do today.  Someone is waiting and needs you!

Thank you  for giving to those in need,

Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 08:38 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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