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Sunday, June 07 2009
 Change is something that happens on a regular basis, however there are times that we fight against it why?  Is it the fear of the unknown as some may say.  Some even think that if they do nothing then change will not occur.  We struggle with this concept daily.  Some more than others but eventually we do what we already know in our hearts should be done and that is to change.

Lately, I too have been struggling with this concept and if you are honest with yourself you may even agree that this has also happened to you.  So what do we do?  Change! go with the flow if God is leading you in a particular direction don't fight it.  Romans 8:28-30) says all things worked together for good to them who love God and to those who are the call according to his purpose. (translated in my own words)

Change is all around us it happens in the physical, spiritual and the mind.  As finite individuals we are constantly changing into God's image and renewing ourselves to become better: disciples of Christ, students, family members, parents, workers, friends, better in the body and the list goes on.

If you don't change you don't grow! It's a process and sometimes it puts us in an uncomfortable position.  That's the real reason behind not moving towards change.  We prefer comfort: food, positions, situations, familiar people and places.  We have to trust God and go with the flow by casting out all fear and doubt.  Believe that he knows our ending as well as our beginning and he will guide you to make all the right choices and decisions.

The only way he can do this if you put him first before any other thing.  Proverbs 3: 5-6 says seek you first the kingdom of God and all of his righteousness and all things will be added unto you.  God's got it all in control and if you rely on him he will direct your path and order your steps.

Don't try to analyze it, or complain about it make the change and watch God work.  He will give you everything that you need and will provide for you a place that is better than you can imagine or think.  He's just asking us to trust him and to continue to walk towards him.

So the next time change comes to your door open it up and welcome it in you will be glad you did.

Love you,

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