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Friday, May 15 2009
 Days, weeks, and sometimes months goes by where we have a pressing issue with no solution.  Sometimes we are taken by surprised.  If things are left  to themselves they cause so many problems.  These things can occur in our mind, body, home, work, etc.  So what do you do when you don't know what to do?

The Bible states that men should often pray and not faint.  That we should carry our burdens to the Lord and leave them.  That we have a High Priest who can relate to our infirmities.  The list goes on and on and the Bible also have examples of those who were faced with adversities such as:


We can learn a lot from their stories and even compare their stories with the things that we are experiencing as well.  One common theme can be seen throughout all of their stories.  God was faithful to them.  He delivered them and answered their prayers.  He blessed their families, protected  and provided for them too.  Can he not do the same for us?  

If you can recall there was always  a process, a waiting period if you will, a time where things look and felt like they were not going to be good.  But our faithful God gives victory to us all if we endure. None of them were perfect as their stories reveals.  So being perfect is not a prerequisite, but you need a perfect heart towards God.  

There is no way we could be good enough to merit God's mercy.  It is by his grace that we are able to be free.  Jeremiah tells us that God's mercies are new every morning.  (Lam 3:19-23)  We don't get the same mercy because each day is different.  I don't know about you but I need this new mercy every day.  Some days I can do well and have it all together and then there are other days where I am just shaking my head.  I am so grateful that God has forgiven me and that I can come boldly before his throne of Grace.

I can do this for myself I do not need the priest, elder or minister.  God said I can call on his name while he yet may be found.  I am not saying that the priesthood is not important they are very much needed. But when you need to get a word to God and can't wait to speak to someone.  

God is saying I am right here waiting for you.  Come unto me all who labor and are heavy burden and I will give you rest.  So when you don't know what to do.  Trust in the Lord, have faith and hope and give it to God.  He knows what to do with it!  Gods got it! so sit back relax and give him the glory.  Watch, wait and see how he delivers you.  

Be encouraged


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Tuesday, May 12 2009
Hi, I am back and feeling a little overwhelmed.  It is very easy to get distracted nowadays.  I have been busy putting out fires and trying to rekindle some that were burnt out.  I found out how easy it is to get distracted.  With all the changes going on in this society, more and more people are finding it difficult to stay on task. 

Trying to do more with less and creating ways to stay afloat is a task within itself.  I cannot imagine a day going by without asking God to strengthen me and keep me.  So many things around us are going wrong, I need God to help me to navigate through life's concern.

I am not concerned about how things will work out because I have God on my side.  Thank you God I know that I can count on you to always be there when I need you.  Today I spent most of the day crafting flowers and other crafts.  I enjoyed it very much and still have more to do.  

I wanted to take a break to blog before it got too late in the night. Things may appear as though they will not work out but God's got it! Don't sweat the small stuff take time to smell the flowers, do something different we need to start living in the moment more and stop talking about what if!

God is well able to do  exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we ask or think according to the power that worked in us. (Ephesian 4:13)  There are a lot of things that could be worse but God gives us the victory.

We have the power to get wealth
We have the power to say no!
We have the power to obey God!
We have the power to do Gods will

As we look forward to the rest of the week I pray that God will keep you and his grace continue to shine in your direction.

Good night, 

Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 08:25 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Sunday, May 10 2009
 In Lieu of Mother's Day I have decided to continue my celebration and tribute to the Mothers by not blogging any messages other than this:

Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!!

Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 08:57 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, May 09 2009
 Today, as always I thanked God for new mercies that came with this new day.  I went to bed late and was able to get up early today.  I had an early appointment so it was important that I made it without any problems.  The weather today played a great part in bringing a lot of people outside.  I was astonished at the number of shoppers who were looking for that special mother's day gift.  Other rushed to by food and various items to many to mention.

After my appointment my first stop was at a yard sale.  This sale expanded a block and just as I was contemplating whether I would stop; something caught my eye.  So many beautiful flowers and plants that I just had to take a closer peek to see the different varieties.  I picked up a tomato plant and two other flowers all very nice.  While there I decided to take a stroll and enjoy what other hidden treasures that was abound.

I found a few other things that I like for the most part they were reasonably priced.  So I decided to throw caution to the wind and make a few quick purchases while I was in the mood.  My next stop was to the farmers market.  I was specifically looking for artificial flowers and ribbons.  I wanted to create two floral arrangements in the containers that I found at the yard sale. 

If all goes well I will make them up sometime this week.  My day was eventful and challenging to say the least.  I was faced with a situation that tested my patience.  For the most part I was able to pass the test and to see the situation for what it really was such as a distraction.  If I had not trusted God and rested in his mercy this thing would have turned out differently.  Thank you God for your faithfulness and as I close this blog help my sisters and brothers see that your mercy endures to all.  For it is new every morning so don't worry about trying to muster up enough strength to make it through tomorrow.  Just as sure there is a new day you will receive new mercy.

Be Blessed!


Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 07:37 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
Thursday, May 07 2009
 We are now in the fifth month of the year 2009! I have so many things I started last month (April) that is not finished.  I try not to start any new projects without working on the current ones, but there are times that I have to switch gears and do something else.

I decided this year that I would spend more time being in the moment and enjoying life as it comes.  Thus the title "time goes by fast!" The past week was a busy one for me and I have yet to slow down.  Have you ever tried to do six things at once?  

For most of us our schedules, job, family responsibility, hobbies and church dictates just how much time is spent on each of these things.  Sometimes we just need to stop being so busy and start enjoying those moments that we share with the ones we love.

I challenge you to get out of the fast lane every once and a while and take the time to just be.  God can't use you  exhausted and burned out.  Take some time out for You!  

As for me I plan to do the same thing.  Setting priorities has always helped for me.  Also using the power of "no" by not taking on any other responsibilities until I finish what I have already started.  I was reminded just today that a week had past since my last blog.  Thanks for the gentle nudge to get me back on track.

To all of the mothers out there I salute you and wish that you enjoy your time with your family and friends on Sunday May 10, 2009.  Happy Mothers Day!!

I will be praying for you!

Posted by: Elnora M. Johnson AT 07:10 pm   |  Permalink   |  Email
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